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Tastykake Schedules

The elegant simplicity and familiarity of the Tastykake cards makes them a favorite of many avid schedule collectors. The same basic design was repeated on Tastykake cards issued by various northeastern Major League teams from the early ‘60s until 1990.

Pennsylvania collector Mark Bumbera reports that the famous Phillies’ Tastykake card run went from 1963 until 1990. He’s missing ‘69 and ’70 and believes that one of those years is extremely hard to find and on most collectors' want lists. As for the Pirates, Mark has cards from ‘78 and ‘79 (he’s heard a ‘77 exists but he's never seen it). Orioles’ specialist Ed Allan believes that the Tastykake company produced O’s cards from 1963 to 1977, but there are a number of years he has never seen: 1969-1972, 1974-1975. I have a Yankees’ Tastykake card from 1967. Mark Bumbera says Tastykake cards also exist for the Senators and Mets. More information about the Yankees, Senators, and Mets Tastykake card runs would be much appreciated.

Before there were Tastykake cards, there were Tastykake folding skeds. Mark Bumbera says that the Phillies’ Tastykake run began in 1956 with tall folding skeds. I have Phillies’ Tastykake folding skeds for 1958, 1960, 1962, 1981, and 1984-1998. Mark Bumbera has a folding-style Pirates Tastykake sked from 1959. As for the Orioles, Ed Allan thinks that Tastykake printed folding schedules in 1957-62, 1966, 1971, and 1973, although he has never seen the 1961 version. An image of a 1971 Orioles Tastykake folding sked can be found here. I have no information about Tastykake folding skeds for the Yankees, Mets, or Senators.
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