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Schlitz "League Sets"

In the past I was never that excited about the Schlitz Beer-sponsored schedules with Schlitz covers. Depending on the year, there is either a mug of Schlitz Beer or artwork of a generic baseball player on the cover of these skeds.

But after coming across this interesting website devoted to "League Sets", I started thinking about other, older League Sets not mentioned there, and now I'm getting excited about trying to fill in the blanks for the Schlitz League set. I have skeds from this set from 1970-79, but it appears from this website that at least one team, the Astros, had a Schlitz cover going back to 1966 (put your mouse over the '66 and '70 Astros schedules to see images of Schlitz covers from those years).

My questions:
1. Did all teams participate in the Schlitz League set? For example, I've never seen an Expos sked with a Schlitz cover.
2. What year did this League Set begin?
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Andy Blackwood posted this response on Skednet:

Hi all,

I believe that I saw a 1930s Tigers schedule sponsored
by Schlitz in the collection of Roger Tate years back,
but that wouldn't be part of a set. There are Kansas
City A's schedules sponsored by Schlitz from about
1956-61. The artwork was the same every year, I
think. I think the first year that you could really
say that there was a set as such was 1969, when there
were similar skeds for the Royals, Cubs, and (I think)
Astros. Burgermeister sponsored similar skeds for the
Giants and (I think) Padres that year. To the best of
my recollection, the Cubs and Astros skeds from 1968
were similar (I used to have both and no longer have
either). There are Schlitz skeds for several teams
from 1970, but the Brewers cover is different from the
others for some reason. The Brewers covers were the
same as other teams for 1971-73 and 1975.

Generally, the covers were about the same for all
teams. It was mostly artwork until 1977 and then
mostly pictures of bottles and glasses 1978-82. In
1982 they were bought by Stroh's who promoted Old
Milwaukee in favor of the Schlitz brand after the

Robin Carlson maintains a list of all known
beer-sponsored skeds. I made an attempt to put it on
the web a few years back:

Perhaps some day I'll get ambitious and make it a
searchable database as I originally intended. Don't
hold your breath. Anyway, I've compiled the following
list from there which might not be comprehensive, but
should give you an idea of what's out there for MLB:

Astros 1965-70
Athletics 1956-61
Brewers 1970-76
Cubs 1968-75
Dodgers 1970, 1971, 1975
Mariners 1979
Orioles 1979-82
Padres 1975, 1977, 1978
Rangers 1975, 1977-82
Red Sox 1977-79
Royals 1969-71
White Sox 1977-80

Can anyone confirm the existence of a 1976
Brewers/Schlitz sked? I have all the other years,
none of which are particularly tough, and I don't
think Schlitz sponsored any other MLB skeds that year.


Andy B