John (brave_heart) wrote in mlbskeds,

Schlitz "League Sets"

In the past I was never that excited about the Schlitz Beer-sponsored schedules with Schlitz covers. Depending on the year, there is either a mug of Schlitz Beer or artwork of a generic baseball player on the cover of these skeds.

But after coming across this interesting website devoted to "League Sets", I started thinking about other, older League Sets not mentioned there, and now I'm getting excited about trying to fill in the blanks for the Schlitz League set. I have skeds from this set from 1970-79, but it appears from this website that at least one team, the Astros, had a Schlitz cover going back to 1966 (put your mouse over the '66 and '70 Astros schedules to see images of Schlitz covers from those years).

My questions:
1. Did all teams participate in the Schlitz League set? For example, I've never seen an Expos sked with a Schlitz cover.
2. What year did this League Set begin?
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